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Tony Muni - I have been hunting for a long time and I get completely hooked on all new game I attempt to take.  Most recently I was able to take my first Alligator with a bow and man was that exhilarating.  Earlier in the 2009 - 2010 Deer season I took my first buck with my Mathews Switchback XT.  I had practiced all summer trying different sights, arrows and broad heads.  I finally found a happy combination with some Carbon Express Gold Tip arrows, Slick Trick 100 grain 1" broad heads and an TruGlo RangeRover sight.  I watched the buck come down my walk-in trail about 45 minutes after I had settled into my Millennium Lock-On and as he got closer I switched from 30 yards down to 20 yards and once he turned and gave me a broad side shot I let that Slick Trick do it's magic.  A perfect hit as I had practiced and 15 yards later there he laid. 

Most recently I got hooked on Duck hunting.  I have hunted doves since 2008 but never had the chance or a group that wanted to try duck hunting.  Well my second day out I busted my first Drake and at that moment I knew it would not be my last.  I have recently returned from an early season hunt in Arkansas which proved to be worth every bit of the 11 hour drive from Augusta, GA to Moro, AR.  Big Drake Mallards to fast flying Green Wings were every where and I took my fair share.  I currently have bands from a Wood Duck and a Canadian Goose. 

Currently I am in pursuit of Deer, Dove, Turkey, Duck, Geese, Rabbit, Hog, Coyote and Bear. 

Dream Hunts: Argentina (Duck and Dove), Texas (White Tail), Canada (Bear), Alaska (Moose) and Wyoming (Elk).

Bows:  Mathews Switch Back XT compound, Excalibur Axim SMF crossbow, Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve, Custom Longbow

Rifles: Tikka T3 Lite .270, Ruger American Predator .308, Ruger American Predator .223, CZ Euro Varminter .223

Shotgun: Benelli Vinci 12 Gauge