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Estimate Deer Weight

Stop guessing your deer's weight. This useful formula will help you determine your deer's estimated live weight, hanging weight and edible meat weight.
Live Weight/ 1.26=Hanging Weight/ 2=Edible Meat Weight

Here is an example of the formula:
100 Lbs. Live Weight/ 1.26=79 lbs Hanging Weight/ 2=39 lbs Edible Meat

You can use the following formula to work backwards.  If you know the weight of edible meat, you can calculate the hanging weight, etc..  You can calculate from any weight.  If you know the hanging weight, than you could estimate the live weight.
Edible Meat WeightX 2=Hanging WeightX 1.26=Live Weight

Here is an example of this formula:
50 Lbs. Edible MeatX 2=100 lbs Hanging WeightX 1.26=126 lbs Live Weight

Here is a calculator for you to calculate
 the estimated weights of your deer.

Hanging Weight is the field dressed deer minus the head, feet and hide.

Edible Meat Weight will vary depending upon:
How the deer is processed and
How many times the deer was shot and what part(s) of the deer was shot.
For Example, if the whole deer is boned out completely, you will receive approximately 50% of the Hanging Weight in Edible Meat.